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Present Program


MOHEMCS implements saving, credit and education programs.


Future Innovation


We need additional impetus to implement multipurpose activities such as more saving schemes, travel & tours and land & housing schemes. We also plan to establish a Senior Citizen Club for past and present members.


Institutional development


The core activity of MOHEMCS as a Primary Society is the platform for the implementation of many programs.




Saving is the fundamental activity of the society and MOHEMCS gives the utmost importance to the mobilisation of our Saving funds.

Proposal of new


  • Savings Share Account

  • Monthly Gain Saving Scheme 

  • Monthly Saving Scheme

  • Annual Saving Scheme 

  • Scholarship Education Saving Scheme

  • Marriage Saving Scheme

  • Travel & Tours Saving Scheme (pilgrimage, holiday sightseeing, yatra, hajj savings).

  • Land & Housing Saving Scheme (land buying & selling, building, renovation, additional repair, new buildings).

The assets of MOHEMCS are :

  • Building Head Quarters at 2nd floor, Mystic complex, Royal Road Candos comprising of 2984 sq feet with office facilities evaluated to Rs 5,500,000 as 30th of June, 2015.

  • Office building at 18 La Colline Commercial Centre, Candos evaluated to Rs1,000,000.

  • A portion of 225 sq feet state land at JNH Hospital - Rose Belle since 1997 on which a building will be constructed .

Our Annual Turnover

Our annual surplus by 30 June 2015 was Rs 1,370,455.

In 2011 the loan ceiling has been increased from Rs 75,000 to Rs 140,000 with the ratio 1:4.

In 2012 the loan ceiling was Rs 200,000 with ratio 1:4.

In 2013, the loan ceiling was 300,000 with ratio of 1:4.

In a recent AGM the loan ceiling was proposed to Rs 400,000 and is under consideration by the Ministry of Cooperatives.

The repayment of loans is less than 1% of monthly interest on diminishing balance.

Loan Rules & Regulations

There are some amendments for Sureties on Loan Rules and Regulations which will be communicated to all our members shortly.

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